Sunday, December 14, 2014

Halloween in Munich

From home in Rochester, a five-hour drive will bring me to my beloved Lake Wallkill, New Jersey. 

A five-hour drive from Milan can end up in Munich. It blows my mind that road-tripping to Germany for the weekend is a possibility, but it is! Four friends and I packed ourselves into a tiny rental car and set off through the mountains for Halloween. So many great moments and memories, but unfortunately for now this is a short picture post-- I want it done and am pressed for time! Hopefully I'll fill in more details one of these days!

Everything we ate was AMAZING
Cutest traditional dress!

The city-center looked like a fairytale 

The museum was full of fantastic sculptures
So beautiful!

I loved the contrast between the paintings and the statues 

Pretty Pretty!
Hofbrauhaus :)

Driving through the mountains at sunset was breathtaking 

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  1. So many things to do in one day! Shame you couldn´t drop by the huge English Garden (And you were so close!) it is great place! The one thing I loved more about it was that they have a wave lake...its the Eisbach wave river. They made this river so that ppl can surf! It is sooo cool.

    Oh you did visit the Hofbrauhaus! The whole things is great, you know, like the music! They have this polka band playing their music and the dresses as you said, they are sooo cool that the waitress use the traditional dress...and they are so strong! Man those gals can pick up like 5 beer pints on each hand at a time!

    Munich is indeed a Magical city...buuuut if you can, travel a bit to the west to the Neuschwanstein Castle, the castle that inspired Walt Disney for the emblematic castle! It is indeed a fairy tale!