Monday, January 2, 2017

Resolution to Reality: Tips for the New Year

As someone who looooooves New Years, birthdays, new school years... really any fresh start, I've come up with a few ways to turn my goals into reality. 

Have a plan

I tell myself every year, "Jesye, this is the year you're getting in shape." Every year it doesn't happen. The problem is that my commitment is real because it isn't specific enough. This year, rather than "Get in shape," I'm committing to "Complete the Couch to 5K running plan." This gives me a specific, attainable goal that needs to be completed within nine weeks. I'd also like to get back to my crafty roots this year, but it's not enough to leave it at that; I found a cross stitch pattern I'd like to try and am going to commit to finishing just that specific project. Hopefully I'll fall in love with both running and cross stitch, but there is a plan in place that will force me to commit at least for a few months! Try creating a specific resolution with a plan for what you'd like to accomplish.  

Use a journal or a planner (or both!)

Using a planner or a journal gives you a place to organize, plan, reflect, list, doodle, journal, etc. I use Erin Condren planners for teaching and my own life, and love them. I tried Bullet Journaling and while I loved it, I always fall back on my LifePlanner, so it's up to you to find what works well for you. Use your journal or planner to list resolutions, brainstorm how you can fit them into your life, and literally schedule times to work on your resolutions into your week. 

Find someone to help you stay accountable

Whether it's a friend, a family member, a club or group, whatever, find someone who is going to encourage you! It doesn't even need to be a person- I'm hoping that writing more regularly will help me to keep on track with my goals. Sharing what I'm working on and where I've been will mean actually doing things that are worth writing about, which means I can't be lazing around with Netflix all day!

Get excited with new equipment 

I don't mean going out and spending a ton of money. As someone who knows the pains of going out and buying over 100Euros worth of running gear (and then running one time), I'm not suggesting breaking the bank. However, buying a new book on an activity you're pursuing, a new set of picks for the guitar that's been collecting dust in the basement, or a few pretty new crafting materials can help energize you in your endeavors! 

Sign up for a class

I avoided cooking at all costs- until signing my parents up for a cooking class and realizing how much I wanted to learn to cook delicious Italian dishes while living here. My languages skills stunted at "Scusa, non parlo italiano" (Sorry, I don't speak Italian) until signing up for a class twice a week. I've made more progress since last spring than I had in the first two and a half years all together! Making a commitment to a class can help solidify a commitment by forcing you to practice regularly, and igniting your passions with accelerated growth. 

While I love heading over to my Italian class each week, being part of the community of the school, and the interactions with the language, taking a class has never been easier with the online options available. One site I'm currently loving is You can find courses on every subject imaginable! This weekend, I found that the courses were on sale for only $10 each and went a little crazy- I signed up for classes on guitar, cooking, travel journaling, Italian language, and tarot. I know that's a little much, but I am PUMPED to learn about all of them! The site also inspired me to pursue a few interests that I've never really spent time learning about- Egyptology and art history. Those are on the back-burner/wishlist for now though; ain't nobody got time for (all) that!

Find a mantra

Finding a word or phrase that resonates with you can help you to center yourself as you work towards your goals. My mantra is typically, "Be brave, be kind, love life," which comes from a combination of words on a ring I have and Cinderella's mantra from the 2015 version of the movie. I tell that to myself when I need a pick me up, when I'm annoyed at work, when I'm frustrated with not being understood in Italian, really anytime I need it. This year, all of my resolutions tend to follow the theme of, "Be your best self." A friend of mine keeps notes to herself with mantras on her computer, on her bathroom mirror, in her planner, literally anywhere she'll see them. Find a phrase that will remind you of who you want to be and what you're working towards, and get in the habit of repeating it to yourself often; when you first wake up, when you finish brushing your teeth, when facing a challenge, before going to sleep. 

I hope these ideas work for you as they work for me! Tell me below what your resolutions are for the New Year. How do you plan to work towards them?

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