Sunday, October 12, 2014

Hopes and Dreams

Our class's "Hopes and Dreams" bulletin board, because the "Up" house took Carl to the place he hoped and dreamed of
We have the kids define their hopes and dreams at the beginning of each year, and I'm doing the same! I've set the following goals for myself for the year. My plan is to check in with myself when I have the kids check in on their goals. We'll see how it goes:

  • Cook a real meal at least once a week and try new recipes
    • So far, so good! I've been making a very tasty pancetta and veggie pasta sauce, and having lots of salads! Next step: meat. 
  • Bring lunch and breakfast to school at least 4 times a week
    • Nope. Our new benefits-package is more of an incentive- half off of everything we spend in the cafeteria, up to $1000 (up to spending $1000, with a $500 reimbursement). It kind of makes bringing lunch seem like a waste of money, but I need to do it because brioche and pasta are killing me!
  • Practice Italian every day
    • Nope. Get on it, Jessica!
  • Be a Yes-Man and become more social!
    • This one I've been really good about! I've been saying "Yes" to just about everything that comes up and am beyond burnt-out and sick now! But it's alright- I took a weekend off to recuperate and am all set to carry on with fun and adventures this coming week!
  • Walk to or from work at least 3 days a week
    • Nope. Maybe once or twice a week, tops. But mostly not.
  • Join book club
    • Mentally, I've made the commitment but I missed the first meeting and haven't started the second book. But I read it a few years ago so I could go to the next meeting and be fine!
  • Keep up with cleaning
    • Ehhhhh kind of...
  • Defined (but unblog-ed) weight goal
    • A little above my goal, but not too bad considering the twice a day pasta and at least once a day brioche!

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  1. This list and your "To do" list is very inspiring. I kind of keep a check list but in my head and sometimes I forget stuff...should really put it down like you do.

    Keep it up!