Saturday, April 19, 2014


I'm a planner. I plan everything and tend to be uncomfortable when things aren't thoroughly organized, be it traveling, teaching, etc. I like knowing what comes next, and am one of those people who eagerly anticipates buying the perfect new planner each year. But even as a planner, spontaneous travel has always been on my bucket list. In middle school, Krista told me about her dance teacher who would head to the airport with a carry on, check the departure schedule, and hop on wherever was leaving next. She said that the woman would buy a bottle of champagne to split with whoever was seated next to her, and just enjoy the spontaneity of the moment. 

So, here I am. This morning I had a leisurely breakfast, locked up my apartment, and made the trek from Opera to Milano Centrale Station. I checked the train schedule and saw that a train to Torino would leave in 20 minutes and that's where I sit now. Already I've hit a few bumps; the museum that holds Leonardo DiVinci's self portrait closes in half an hour and won't be open tomorrow (Sundays!), and it's currently raining in my destination. But one of Europe's largest open air markets is open all day today, the Egyptian Museum won't be closed for Easter, and I'm doing something I've dreamed of doing for years! I'm not sure if I'll stay overnight or not but it's an option! I stashed a toothbrush, a pair of underwear, and a shirt at the bottom of my bag so I'm prepared I'm case I fall in love with Piedmont's capital. 

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