Sunday, March 30, 2014

Beer and Antiques

Beautiful plaza full of charming shops

This weekend I fully intended to take it easy.

Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up, and Tuesday one of my very best friends is coming to visit, so there's a lot to get done and this weekend seemed like the perfect chance. Well... that didn't happen. I finally checked the Navigli Antiques Market off my Milan to-do list and went to the Italian Beer Festival.

Stone cow with bike seat... normal. 

The Beer Festival was a ton of fun. 

A few girls from school and I met up for an extra-long trek to some unknown mystery part of the city (unknown to me, but probably not to others). One knew a few people from another international school in the area, and it was great to meet a few new people! Anyways, there were tons of vendors with all different types of beer. I go into these types of things with the intention of discovering what I like in terms of drinks, but then the drinking happens and I still have no idea whether I'm more of a pale ale or lager fan (or what the difference is). I think I like red beer... maybe...

At school, the majority of our coworkers are women, so it was lots of fun to people-watch at a primarily male event. I got one of my best compliments I've ever gotten: A lovely Swiss man told me he never would have guessed I was American- he would have thought British because I look like a princess. Add that to my hairdresser telling me I look like a cartoon on Thursday and basically that makes me a Disney Princess. I don't even care if it was a bad line, call me a princess and I'm yours.

Beer in a wine glass... normal. 

Look at that adorable picnic basket!

On the last Sunday of each month there is an antiques market along the Navigli Grande. 

Somehow, I never made it over. There has always been something going on, whether a trip, time at home, or just terrible weather. This was one of the "Milan Things To Do" I had found last summer during my endless Milan research, so I've been dying to go. It was worth the wait and anticipation! We had a perfect day- the sun was shining, it was a perfectly mid-60s day, and there were millions of things to see. Antique furniture, interesting and quirky artwork, jewelry, dishes, clothes... Actually
being in the city brings me so much joy. The hustle and bustle of people all around is exciting, but at the same time there was no rush. For this first time I was glad just to look around, but I think that next time I'll go in with a mission. It would be less overwhelming to be on the lookout for a necklace or a pair of sunglasses (why a pair? It's just one... Just realized that makes no sense) rather than stopping to look at absolutely everything. All in all, fabulous weekend!


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