Friday, August 23, 2013


Ciao da Milano! Questo e il mio letto!

Just kidding. Not about the hello from Milan part because I'm really here! The other part is just my newest phrase from Rosetta Stone (This is my bed!). Not very useful. I still don't know any Italian!

Everything is amazing. Milan and Opera are gorgeous, my school is incredible, and everyone I've met couldn't be nicer. However, since the moment we walked off of the plane, it has been constant activity. Every day (I say every day like its been a month... It feels like it but really it's only a few days!) we've met at or before 8:00 and today was the first night I was home before 10:00 or 11:00pm, and there hasn't been more than an hour or two of time at home a day other than that- yesterday was only about 30 minutes! 

I'm exhausted, and have so much I want to say but am just too tired and will have to update when I actually have a few minutes and it's not midnight. Ciao!

More on city explorations later, but here I am with some other new teachers at the Duomo!

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