Sunday, April 30, 2017

Burano: A Rainbow of a City

Even from a distance, the candy-colored houses of Burano stood out vividly. 

Burano is a small journey within itself, and while this was my fourth visit to Venice, it was my first on the tiny island. 

To get to the colorful island, you need to first take a vaparetto to Murano, then disembark and grab another to Burano. The process takes at least an hour, and includes waiting in an incredibly long line. However long, the trip is well worth the time spent as Burano is incredible. 

As the daughter of a painting contractor, we always had tons of fan-decks lying around (you know, the flip-book with thousands of paint colors that you can find at Lowe's or Home Depot). I use to flip through them, picking out all of the colors I'd paint my room. I always wondered if anyone's parents let them paint their bedrooms the colors at the bottom of each card, the brightest, most vibrant shades. Well, everyone who ever dreamed of painting their bedroom neon pink or bright green will find their sanctuary in Burano! 

Set against the cloudless blue sky, the picturesque town didn't even look real. The town itself is small, and easily explorable within just a few hours. While the main strip is busy with tourists, stepping off into any of the deserted side-streets is enough to remind you that this isn't Disney World; someone really lives in these intensely colored homes.

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