Sunday, November 13, 2016

Malta- Better Late Than Never!

I've been emptying my phone and camera of pictures, and am loving reminiscing on all of the wonderful memories of my travels from the past year! It's crazy how behind I've gotten on posts. These next few will probably be mostly pictures, as I really need to catch myself up!

One of my first trips of last school year was to Malta, a teeny little island country south of Sicily. My friends and I went for Columbus Day Weekend for a few days, with our base in Valletta, Malta's capital. The tiny city was characterized by it's colorful balconies that jutted out from the face of every building- can you imagine waking up to have coffee on one of those every morning?! It would be a dream!


Much of our trip was wandering through the easily navigable streets, which were gridded like NYC, and enjoying traditional food in beautiful plazas. Everything was delicious, but the cheese... oh my gosh, such amazing cheese!

The architecture was such an interesting juxtaposition between vintage and modern! 

We spent our travel days exploring Valletta, but the one day between, we made the trek to Gozo.

Gozo is an even tinier island north of Malta's main island. Although Malta is a itty-bitty country, it involved quite a bit of public transportation! From Valletta, we took a bus to Cirkewwa, and from there a ferry up to Mgarr, a little fishing village on the south side of Gozo. From there we journeyed up to Victoria by bus, where we wandered through the little streets and up to the ancient citadel. 

Cutest little restaurant! 
The gorgeous Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady

Hanging out on top of the citadel
Darling little alleyways

How exactly do you get to those doors?
Delicious beer and snacks with a view!

The Azure Window

Finally, we took one last bus ride (before doing the whole thing again in reverse) up to the Azure Window, a giant archway weathered away by the sea. In pictures, I think it's beautiful, but in person it was unbelievable. When you think of what nature is capable of, it's easy to believe that everything happens for a reason! We arrived with perfect timing, minutes before the sun set over the sea. It was breathtaking. 

Ok, let me be my nerd-self again for a minute and be in awe of the fact that yet again, I found myself at a filming location from Game of Thrones. This was where Daenerys married Khal Drogo and recieved her dragon eggs!

We had perfect timing :) 
Real life

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