Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Vivo Per Lei!

Last night I had another one of those moments where I just couldn’t believe that what was happening was really my life.

As you may have seen, seeing Andrea Bocelli preform has been a part of my bucket list for a long time. When my sisters and I were little and our parents would play his CD, we would try to trick people into thinking it was just our opera singing cousin and his friend Sofia practicing their newest songs (such tricky little kids), and we would belt along using fake-Italian made-up words to our favorites.

When a friend posted that he would be opening the EXPO in Milan, I knew I couldn’t miss it. A huge stage was set up in front of the Duomo, making it a very impressive scene (though one that made it difficult to see anything). A number of famous opera sings, pianists, and the orchestra from La Scala also performed, but Andrea Bocelli was who stole the show by far. I hardly have words (I never seem to be able to express things the way I’d like) for what happened, but it was magnificent. Standing in the Plaza del Duomo surrounded by hundreds people from all over the world who were here for the EXPO, and recognizing that I wasn’t a tourist, but a resident; looking up at the gorgeous architecture of what might be one of the most beautiful plazas in the world; listening to a singer I’ve loved since I was a little kid singing Nessun Dorma… I just don’t have words, but I can say that it brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps. It was a moment I hope never to forget, and one that absolutely deserves a check on the ol’ bucket list.

The video isn’t the best quality, you can’t see too much, and doesn’t fully capture the experience, but I have watched it at least 10 times so far today and every time I feel grateful and close to tears. I’m a very lucky girl.


  1. Wow...now I feel bad that I didn't go :P

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