Thursday, June 26, 2014

I Met Joe Jonas

I, Jesye Streisel, now a fangirl, met Joe Jonas at Men's Fashion Week in Milan, June 2014.
My life is complete :)
I almost took it off the list. I almost gave up and decided it was too far-fetched! I almost changed

"See a celebrity at fashion week" to just "See a celebrity." But I didn't, and now I get to check it off the list. I met Joe Jonas!!

In high school I dragged Holly to a Jonas Brothers concert with me, and while we made fun of all the screaming girls, not gonna lie, that was me on the inside. At the end of the concert, as we crankily tried to find our parents' car, the car the three brothers were in drove by us with one of them waving out the window and I made some sort of involuntary little screamish noise I had no idea I was capable of making. Joe Jonas was my laptop background freshman year, and now we have spoken to each other. Anyways, here's what happened.

School is out, so on Monday I went into the city to do some celebration shopping. Unfortunately, my other reason for going into the city was closed (panzerotti is basically pizza in a donut). Between that, the fact that I accidentally bought my new dress in the wrong size, and my complete lack of obligations, I headed back in on Tuesday as well. I was well fed, had a new dress, but didn't want to go back to Opera so wandered around for a few hours. Sometime around 2:30 I noticed a crowd of girls standing around, apparently waiting, but didn't really think anything of it. A while later, I wandered back to the same area and saw the same group. This time, I asked a cab driver what all the girls were doing and he said waiting for a celebrity but he didn't know who. A girl told me it was Joe Jonas, who I knew was in town for Men's Fashion Week. She told me that he had gone in a few hours before and had promised to take pictures with everyone when he came back down.

At this point, it was really a moral dilemma: completely invade a person's privacy by creepily waiting outside their hotel and take a picture with my longstanding imaginary boyfriend, or walk away and respect personal boundaries. The immoral side won, and I joined the girl crowd, waiting a full hour (I made a new friend to pass the time with. She wasn't a Joe-fan, but it was rumored that Dougie Poynter was in there too) for him to emerge. And oh, he did. I'm so lame. I thought I could be all cool and collected but completely joined the swarm and took a bunch of pictures. 

I know that these pictures are basically the same, but my kindhearted future boyfriend Joe
Jonas took a few so that I'd have options. Whatta guy <3
At first it seemed like there were too many girls to get through to actually meet him. But Anna (new friend) got up to him first and I took their picture. Then, it seemed like time went by really slowly. There were probably 3 seconds where it was clearly my time to move in but it felt like a few minutes. I jumped in there though and said (with my heart racing like... something really speedy...), "Hi, I'm Jesye, it's nice to meet you." I don't remember what he said but oh my God, he is adorable. Anna had disappeared, so I asked a bodyguard if he would please take our picture but he wouldn't, and that was when Joe said, "Here, we can just take it ourselves." And he took a few pictures with my phone. Then I was shooed away by the guards. 

I am now following him on Twitter, and watched Camp Rock last night. How on Earth did I turn into a fangirl? Ugh. Well, I think it's probably the fact that he was wearing a wolf shirt, and I've come to realize that that is my type in men. I use to think my "type" was dark hair, dark eyes, kinda scruffy, but both longterm boyfriends have been much more fair (light brown/blondish with blue/green eyes). My new theory is that it's all about the animal clothing. 

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  1. Its a good thing the guy is a cool person that takes care of his fans. Heard tales of some other dips*** that are kind of shi** with the girls that love 'em!

    Pictures for posterity all the way...shame you didn't had a polaroid so he could have sign it for you...*DING* there is an idea, polaroid never get old