Sunday, September 15, 2013

My New Apartment!

A post of apartment pictures is long overdue, but with how busy I've been it's been hard to find a second to unpack, let alone decorate! The apartment still isn't perfect, but it's starting to feel more like me. Soooo (drumroll please!), here goes a little tour of my lovely new Opera apartment!

This is what you see when you walk through the front door

I have a nice hutch for pictures and books, and those two white doors are storage space. Eventually I'll be able to put my guitar case in my cantina, but it's a little like a dungeon where they are so I have to go explore and find it when I'm feeling a little less terrified (and home during the daytime- it's only lit with any light that comes in through grates in the ceiling!). 

The little doorway leads to the bedroom and bathroom

Another angle on the living room- it's not totally decorated/done, but it's pretty cute! The couch is a horrible turquoise/purple/gold pattern (I love all those colors, so if I hate it, it just shows how awful it really is!), but luckily there was a sheet covering it. Those two pictures in the background came with the apartment and I don't love them, but they're nice until I find something of my own to hang!

I think this is for a TV, but I don't have (or want) one here

I love this kitchen so much! It's maybe the best part of the apartment :)

Another angle on the kitchen with the weird fruit decor (they came with the apartment)

Seriously though, could this be any cuter? The cupboards on the left are actually the fridge and freezer! So cute!
My weird, tiny little oven... it doesn't fit my cookie sheet or cupcake tin!
Love Love Love this! Coffee pots are so tiny- that's supposed to be two cups worth of coffee!

This is the little door off the living room- It's a tiny hallway (square) with doors to the bathroom and bedroom, with a little storage closet to the other side.
Awkward (but beautiful!) shower curtain that doesn't go all the way around the tub

Crazy showerhead at the wrong end of the tub leads to weird, shower-curtain-in-your-face showers

I have a little washing machine in the bathroom, and a bidet... So European! I haven't figured out how to use it for it's actual purpose yet, but I fill it up with water to give myself pedicures sometimes :)

Last but not least, the bedroom- look at all those closets! Woohoo! So much room for clothes!

So, I'm not allowed to put nails in the wall, but I had to hang my necklace board, so if I get in trouble I'll just pretend I didn't understand the rule (it was told to me in Italian!)
The door to the outside leads to a cute little balcony area. I don't go out there too much, but as soon as I have a little chair, table, and some plants I definitely will!

Another angle on the bedroom- it's so cozy!
 Anyways, that's my nice little apartment. I'm so happy with it. For those of you who saw my Alfred apartment, this is a huge size upgrade! You can fit more than one person in the kitchen, there is space for a table (complete with amazing bench seating), and it's possible to stand up in the bathroom, even if you're over 4'8" tall! I really couldn't be happier. I'll be searching out the Milan shops and antique markets in the next few years for cute additions to make it even more homey. 


  1. Ahh! I love it :) I'm so so so so so excited to come visit you. Every time I read your blog I spend the next half hour researching plane tickets.

  2. Just got the chance to thoroughly stalk you blog.... AHHHH!!! You made your classroom so cute and your apartment was cute to begin with, but even cuter now with what you've done with it!!! I'm so happy for you (:

  3. Your apartment is spacious compared to the typical apartments. Anyway, how were you able to find this one? I hope you are having fun redecorating your new space and making it feel homey and comfortable. Congrats and good luck, Jesye! :)

  4. You have such a beautiful apartment, Jesye! It has enough space for you, and every corner seems accessible and functional. And what I really like about the place is that it can be redecorated according to your preference. Anyway, thanks for giving us a tour! All the best!

    Beverly Roberson @ Texas Renters

  5. I just love your house! It looks comfortable to live in, and the facilities fit well with your needs. And I don’t think you need a bigger space, when you are happy and contented in your little haven. Thanks for sharing!

    Lois Becker @ Finlay Brewer